Dante Mortet


Sculptor, “cesellatore” and the heir of an ancient “artisan knowledge” together with his family, active for more than a century in their parlor in Rome, crafts the artistic reproduction of your hand.

Starting form a silicon mold and subsequently pouring the wax, waiting for it to cool then extracts an accurate copy. The wax hand is retouched to give harmony and form. To turn it into an actual sculpture. At this point we transform the wax hand into bronze, through the ancient technique of “fusione a cera perduta”. It’s chiseled and a patina is given.

The hand…the sculpture is ready! An everlasting witness of our lives, in our home. Through the correct use of the hand you develop an “artisan way of thinking”, an ancient way of thinking, experienced, which develops concrete and sustainable economies, that we have the duty to preserve.

«A society without artisans is dry, destined to disappear.»